What's the cancellation policy?

Duna is a small restaurant, and tickets help us streamline operations and experience. We know that stuff happens, and sometimes you can’t use your ticket. Full refunds are available with 3 days notice., and tickets can be rescheduled up to midday Sunday. We hold tables for 20 minutes unless we hear from you. Please text or call 415.484.1206 if you're running late.

Can I make a reservation without purchasing a ticket?

Reservations and tickets are linked, so you can’t make a reservation without purchasing the ticket. Check the cancellation policy.

Is there a waiting list if I am unable to make a reservation?

Yes! Please visit the availability page in our booking site and if there are no tickets available, you will find an option to add your details to the waiting list, for your specific date and party size.

When are Sunday Supper tickets released?

Duna releases tickets 2 weeks before the given Sunday, and for Duna community subscribers, tickets are available 3 weeks ahead. Tickets can be rescheduled up to 24 hours before the Sunday.

Where can I see the menu?

Weekly menus will be available (roughly) 7 days ahead and posted on our calendar. Menus are emailed to ticket holders. www.duna.kitchen

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

All diets welcome, and it helps the kitchen to know of dietary restrictions beforehand.

Any other questions?

Please visit our website www.duna.kitchen/story/supper or email eat@duna.kitchen

What is “kitchen service”?

Duna is a open kitchen. Guests order directly from the kitchen, and cooks serve the food. We call it Kitchen Service or kitchen hospitality. This model helps us streamline operations, and minimize the boundaries between guest and food!

Have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about Tock or your reservation, please visit the Tock help page.


San Francisco, California

Duna is kitchen-service (fast-fine-casual) without reservations or waiters. It is simply delicious, nourishing, fine peasant food served by the kitchen crew. Order food & beverage directly from the kitchen and the Duna cooks will bring it out to you.

On Sundays, Duna keeps the kitchen service ethos but is ticketed. We host a Supper series with a special, curated menu designed by our co-chef-owner team, Nick Balla & Cortney Burns.

We're a small restaurant with limited seating....
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